Design of the service-based architectural framework for the South African National Park System

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A typical response to the challenge of rendering competitive services to the customers of the South African National Parks led to the development of architectural mechanisms for providing services by taking advantage of the dynamic web protocol standards and frameworks. This was done in three steps: (1). The evaluation of existing IT-level support in providing nature conservation information and marketing of National Park services; (2). Investigation of mobile commerce services to create customer values that promote customer loyalty based on enterprise values; and (3). The development of a distributed service-based architectural framework for the South African National Park system based on service-oriented architectural model. The building blocks (publishing, registration, personalization of services, etc) of the architecture serve as the basis of designing system services for disseminating nature conservation information and marketing the services of the national parks. A prototype of the information service system was used to prove the usability of the architectural framework developed. The architecture proposed in this work is a guide and should provide the basis for an ICT infrastructure that responds to the quest for modernising the national parks information system.
A dissertation submitted to the Faculty of Science in fulfilment of the requirements for the Degree of Master of Science in Computer Science, 2004.
Information technology--South Africa, Business--Data processing, Electronic commerce--South Africa, Electronic data processing, South African National Parks