End User Agreement

The University of Zululand (UNIZULU) Institutional Repository (UZSpace) is an open digital archive of scholarly, intellectual, and research output of the University of Zululand. The UZSpace disseminates and preserves theses and dissertations, research output (for example, articles, conference papers, book chapters, and inaugural lectures), and many other digital assets produced by members of the UNIZULU community. It has the benefit of increased global discoverability and visibility of UNIZULU researchers.

The content available on this repository is protected by copyright. Any use for commercial or business purposes is not permissible. Whenever appropriate, please acknowledge the source of the content. Users are requested to abide by the terms of the copyright agreement as shown on the page of each electronic product.

Access the UZSpace at http://uzspace.unizulu.ac.za/ Access the UZSpace at http://uzspace.unizulu.ac.za/