Development of a cloud based privacy monitoring framework for the health sector

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University of Zululand
Cloud computing is growing in popularity due to its ability to offer dynamically scalable resources provisioned as services regardless of user or location device. However, moving data to the cloud means that the control of the data is more in the hands of the cloud provider rather than the data owner. This is a great challenge that continues to hinder cloud computing from successfully achieving its potential. This is due to the fact that with cloud computing, the storage and processing of private information is done on remote machines that are not owned or even managed by the cloud consumers. This brings about significant security and data privacy concerns that impede the broader adoption of cloud computing, which compromises the vision of cloud computing as a new IT procurement model. In an attempt to address the aforementioned challenge, a privacy monitoring framework for the cloud computing environment was developed in this work. The design science methodology for information system was followed. The framework was evaluated using an experimental method. The evaluation of the framework mainly focused on the metrics that evaluate the satisfaction of the users’ goals. The quantitative evaluation aspect entailed the usability test and questionnaires to get results. From questionnaires the statistical data was found and analyzed. The results reported in this study show that the developed privacy monitoring framework could help cloud customers monitor the privacy of their personally identifiable information in the cloud. The framework employs the developed informative event and access logs analyser which enables customers to track and comprehend how their data is handled in the cloud.
A dissertation submitted in fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Master of Science in Computer Science Faculty of Science and Agriculture Department of Computer Science University of Zululand KwaDlangezwa