Gauranteed real-time delivery of context-aware messages in publish/subscribe system

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Publish/subscribe communication paradigm is becoming popular with its decoupling factor, and the filtering of the message stream during the process of dissemination. In a publish/subscribe communication model, a subscriber is decoupled from the publisher, in the sense that a publisher and a subscriber are physically separated from each other. This dissertation reports an ongoing attempt at guaranteeing real time delivery of messages for publish/subscribe systems in a mobile environment where subscribers continuously change location. It focuses on ensuring that messages are delivered in time and space, do not permit stale messages to be delivered but allows subscribers to select priorities based on their preferences. This research was conducted by first, surveying the theory which gave rise to the theoretical framework used for literature review. Second, the research formulation activity consisted of model building, proving of the crafted model by using a prototyped scenario in which the proposed message delivery architecture was demonstrated and finally, a simulation that tested the reliability of the message delivery model. The results obtained from this research testified that the emanating message delivery architecture ensured that messages are guaranteed to be delivered to registered subscribers based on subscriber preferences.
A dissertation submitted in fulfilment ofthe requirements for the degree of Master of Science in Computer Science Department of Computer Science, Faculty of Science and Agriculture, University of Zululand, 2007.
Publish/subscribe communication Real-time programming Real-tme rendering (Computer graphics)